steve buscemi // parting glances (1986)

Shu  Pei & Ming backstage at Michael Kors S/S 2015 NYFW


If you ever get the chance to see your favourite band live, fucking do it and don’t regret a single thing.

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(calls police) hello, some bitch is still trying to talk to me about frozen

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if you gave me $1000 to spend I would still click lowest to highest price

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*freak dances to misogynistic rap music but with God and womanism in my heart*

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"We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same."

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Jeneil Williams photographed by Andrea Spotorno for Acne Paper F/W 2010

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for neglecting my selfie section 

god is good

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Photo courtesy: DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia Charge(s): Disorderly conduct

she beat all my yrbook photos